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IMG_0114.jpgMy name is Ramon, I am a mechanical engineer by degree, a property inspector by choice, and a teacher by passion. I am not a tree hugger nor an activist. I used to think I was environmentally friendly until I realized that I was just the cookie-cutter version of “environmentally friendly”. I separated my plastics and cans from my general trash in my house in their respective bins and I did my own compost from time to time. Besides these two things, I can’t recall any other eco-friendly task.

In 2018, I started a slow pace journey as a minimalist, and this journey introduced me to the zero-waste community, who even though I don’t know them at a personal level they have thought me a ton. Thanks to them I started to modify a lot of my habits to become a more conscious consumer.

However, most of the people in the zero-waste community are outside the state of Florida, and I quickly learned that they have either overcome or have different challenges than us.

My goal is to share the knowledge I gather as I learn to reduce my own waste.

Featured Photographer: Hasan Almasi




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