From the recycling bin to the compost bin

Around week 4 of the “recycling bin” challenge, a light bulb turned on. Instead of throwing the mail envelops, papers and toilet and paper towel rolls in the recycling bin I can place it in the compost bin.

I have been wanting to do this for a while. In Composting 101 I talked about the balance between Carbon and Nitrogen. Paper and cardboard are Carbons and they will take a bit longer to decompose in the compost bin. However certain things can be done to help expedite the process.

Shred It

First thing is to pass all paper and cardboard thru an office shredder, nothing fancy, but having it in smaller pieces will help expedite the process greatly.



Turn It

The second thing to turn it. If you are doing your compost in a rotating compost bin then this will make it easier. If you have a stationary bin like me it will be harder especially if you are putting a lot of shredded paper.

Your other option is not to turn it, but do know it would take longer. I am actually starting a second compost bin just to try different ratios of kitchen scraps and shredded paper to see how I can expedite the process without turning it. I take pride in being an intellectual and lazy composter.

Have you ever try composting paper/cardboard? Do you have any other tips I haven’t think of?


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