Free Organic Mulch – Plantation, FL

First of all, what is mulch? Mulch is when the woody thicker branches that can’t easily compose are passed through a shredder to “cut” them into smaller pieces. When you have many of this smaller woody pieces you get mulch. The mulch is used then to create a barrier between the soil and the environment to keep the moisture in the ground longer instead of evaporating. This added moisture helps the root absorb more water and creates a healthy environment for organisms in the soil to grow and strive. In return, these organisms help decompose matter faster and add nutrients to the soil.

Now back to reducing waste. The only problem with buying mulch is that traditionally the mulch is bought at the big box hardware store where it is sold in plastic sacks. Plastic sacks are not recyclable, and once they have been opened they don’t have another purpose other than just laying in the landfill of your city for years.

Now the city of Plantation, FL  helps reduce these plastic bag consumption by giving their residents FREE mulch. All you have to do is call them ahead to know where the mulch pile is, and show up with a bucket and shovel.


Big thumbs up to the city of Plantation, FL for helping its residents in their zero waste journey.

Does your city take care of you by giving you free mulch without the plastic bag, or a reduced price? Please let me know in the comments, I would like to start mapping these resources.

Please also share this post with anyone you know that lives in Plantation, FL.

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