Recycling Bin Challenge!

There is a very cool challenge going viral called the No Plastic Challenge. Which consists of doing everything in your power to not use single-use plastics within a week, a month or for the hardcore, a year. Though I believe this would have to be a splendid challenge to participate on, I knew that my own personal results would be discouraging, so I instead started reducing the number of items I would throw out on my recycling bin. I was able to reduce my “recyclables” by searching and purchasing items that didn’t have any packaging. As you might guess, I still have a lot of items that I can’t purchase without packaging.

I decided that this journey would be practical and fun for me and my family. So for the year of 2019, I will record all of my recycling bin items. Full disclosure, I have already started minimizing the consumption of “recyclables” items. Before I started this journey I used to produce one full recycling bin a week and I was proud of it. Now we brought it down to one full recycling bin every three weeks.

I used to be proud of filling a full recycling bin a week until I realized that I wasn’t doing as much positive impact as I thought. As I mention on the Beer Growler article when we throw something in the recycle bin, it is not going back to the manufacturer it is just sent somewhere else to become something else. Our current goal is to reduce our recycling items to one full bin a month for six consecutive months.

Our action plan has been to find a replacement one single-use packaging a week. And that got us down to one bin every three weeks so we will continue using this tactic to see how much waste we can reduce.

If you are interested in joining us in this challenge, make sure to rinse the items before putting them in the bin. Since the “goods” will be stored for a longer period of time in the recycling bin the leftovers inside will start smelling if they are not rinsed.

Also, please let us know in the comments below if you are joining us in this challenge or if you have done a similar challenge.



Today’s Featured Photographer is: Gary Chan

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