Less Sticky Notes, Reduced Paper Waste

I used a lot of sticky notes, but my consumption dropped drastically when I purchased a pack of NON-sticky sticky notes (palm to face). If I am not mistaken that pack has lasted like 5 years with me now.

So, if you want to reduce your paper consumption just buy the kind you don’t like and you will become a greener person by default. lnsl (laughing not so loud), I don’t want to overuse my lols.

Of course, this is not my two cents on the subject.

Assuming that you are using sticky notes in your office, now you can reduce the consumption of sticky notes and reduce your paper waste by just pinning the “sticky notes” widget to your computer toolbar.


This way you will have as many sticky notes as you need right in front of you, in your computer, without creating clutter. (I hope I didn’t lose the apple fans with that picture.)

I normally have three lists:

  • Personal to-do lists
  • Business action items
  • Miscellaneous ideas that pop into my head while I am working.

The cool thing about these notes is that I can change their dimension, and I can move them all around my screen. So they have become a bit more useful than just scrap paper.

Here is an easy win, that would help you reduce your paper consumption/waste. You can do this without spending a dime, and you will save a few bucks to the company or yourself.

Today’s Featured Photographer: Kyle Glenn

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