The Ocean Cleanup Project – The Largest Clean Up in History

When someone does an engine search on how plastics affect the environment within 15 minutes of reading or watching videos anyone can grow depressed and even think that there is no hope.

  • Birds suffocating to their death because their bellies are filled with plastic.
  • Estimated 1.8 Trillion pieces of plastic of all shapes, colors, and sizes are floating around in the great Pacific plastic garbage patch.
  • After learning about this huge collection of garbage in the ocean, then you learn that is not one patch but several patches around the world.

This is precisely why I am so passionate about this project. These are the first good news in a sea of bad news about plastic. No pun intended. It took a group of amazing minds to think outside the box and come up with a massive engineering idea. This idea took several years to develop, but on September 8th, 2018 they deployed system 001. The system is currently in trials to collect pieces of plastic from the great pacific garbage patch.

Now, this system is more than a massive engineering project. Though we are not out of the tunnel yet, because there is still tons of plastic in our oceans, with this system, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even more with how transparent The Ocean Clean Up is executing this project. They are giving updates every few weeks, letting everyone know how this system is doing in the middle of the ocean.

I first heard about this project when it was just a concept lead by, 18-year old, Boyan Slat. Now he is no longer a kid, and the project is no longer a concept but a reality taking shape. But I would leave you with a quote he said back in that first TED talk I listened to.

When talking about environmental issues in general, a common response is, well that’s a long way off, that’s for our childrens to worry about.

Hello, Here I am. – Boyan Slat

Let’s cheer for a better tomorrow by taking whatever action we can take today, preferably not a plastic bottle, grab a growler they are always better. lol

Image Source: The Ocean Clean Up Facebook Page

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