Saving the World One Water Bottle at a Time

After reducing my plastic bag consumption, this, in my opinion, is where I did the biggest difference. Full disclosure I still buy packs of water bottles during hurricane season for obvious reasons. If you don’t see why this is an obvious reason, just rent an Airbnb in south Florida while we have a hurricane and you will understand. 😉

However, before I was purchasing packs of water for work. As a property inspector, I used to drink easily eight to ten 16.9 oz water bottle a day. (Over 2000 bottles a year) A 24 pk cost roughly $5, at the rate I was consuming water bottles I was spending over $400 a year, but I didn’t really notice or felt the pain because I would buy one or two packs a week ($5 to $10 a week).

Again plastic bottles are recyclable, but every time I dispose of a water bottle in the recycling bin, it doesn’t go to the company that supplied the water, the bottle gets sent somewhere else and gets cycled down into something else.

So the same scenario of the beer bottles happen, the water bottle company would have to purchase/manufacture an additional 2000 bottles if I were to consume the same amount the following year. Which means I would have disposed of 4000 plastic bottles in two years. I am using the word disposed on purpose. And to make my point that this is the correct verb to use I will quote Adam Minter

“Placing a box or a can or a bottle in a recycling bin doesn’t mean you’ve recycled anything, and it doesn’t make you a better, greener person: it just means you’ve outsourced your problem.” – Adam Minter

So how did I stop outsourcing my 2000 bottles a year, and how did I stop spending $400+ a year?

By spending $27 dollars. I purchased a Coleman 1 gallon container to store cold water in my truck for $10 and a 20 oz Contigo Canteen for $17. I refill both daily and between the two of them, it is roughly nine 16.9oz water bottles.

I won’t go into detail of how 4000 bottles can affect the environment, I will just leave it at $27 once vs $400+ per year. Water bottles are a low hanging fruit, it is not an environmental concern, it is a budget concern.

But what about if you don’t consume eight to ten water bottles a day. What about if you consume only two bottles of water a day, Monday through Friday (520 bottles per year / $100+ a year) Then my answer would still be the same, it is not an environmental issue it is a budget issue. $17 once for a metal canteen or $100 per year.

The only way that it would make sense to choose a single-use water bottle over a $17 canteen is if you only consume 72 bottles of water a year (three 24 bottle pk), which is roughly $15 per year. But in this case, then I will bring out the environmental impact, lol.


Today’s Featured Photographer: colton strickland

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