Consider the Earth but keep on drinking

When I started this journey something that did not cross my mind was how reducing my consumption and reducing the waste will impact my drinking habits. I am not a heavy drinker, but when I drink, my poison is beer or sipping rum, which both come in a glass container. And the glass containers are recyclable right? so I always thought I was environmentally conscious as long as I recycled the bottles when I was done.

Pause: If you are struggling with alcohol, please read no further and visit:

Resume: But this journey helped me see the action of drinking in a deeper sense. It forced me to ask myself, can I have the same good time, while avoiding the consumption of:

  • x-amount of bottles
  • x-amount of labels that identify the beer
  • x-amount of caps
  • x-amount of cartons (Usually we don’t buy a single beer, usually we buy a six-pack.)

The answer was a simple yes, in fact, it became a fun simple yes.

Local craft beer breweries like Funky Buddha serve beer to go in 32oz and 64 oz growlers at their establishments, but what about when I don’t feel like driving all the way over there? Can I still get my drink on locally, like in my own neighborhood locally?? After some intensive research (asking my barber if he knows of a place where I can get growlers re-filled) I found the best place on earth, Lucky’s. Lucky’s is not a bar, it is actually a grocery store, but with a bar inside. #Whattz Yes, you can even have a beer while you do your groceries.

Disclaimer: Neither Funky Buddha nor Lucky paid for this product placement.

So the answer is yes you can easily replace your weekly six-pack which is six-12oz bottles (72 oz total) with a 64 oz growler, I know you will be loosing 8 oz of beer per week, that’s the only downside.

Now, what is the cool outcome of switching to a growler:

  • Going to do the groceries became a positive experience, more on that later on a separate article.
  • I ended up drinking less per week without noticing. (remember there is 8oz less)
  • I stopped drinking sipping rum (since I can’t refill the bottle) and in turn, I end up saving money.
  • Met and shared ideas with some very interesting people.
  • And ultimately, reduced my bottle consumption, about 12 to 24 per month, depending on how many people I have over.

Why is reducing my bottle consumption, which is a recyclable material, a good thing?

Because when a glass bottle is disposed into the recycling bin, it doesn’t go back to the beer company to be reused as a beer bottle, it actually gets sent to be reused as something else. So the beer company needs to purchase or manufacture new bottles. To put it in numbers if I drank 144 bottles of beer this year (12 bottles a month) in my household, that means that the beer company would have to make 144 new bottles next year if I were to drink/consume the same amount, therefore in two years I would have disposed of 288 bottles. With a growler, I would have disposed of none, because I would continue refilling it.

Consider the Earth but keep on drinking. So, let’s raise our growlers to a better tomorrow!

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